Breaking the Mold of Advanced Metering Procurement 

Procuring a system internally, without SL-serco’s experience, results in a system that doesn’t meet expectations. That’s why SL-serco identifies utility expectations up front and verifies expectations are met during deployment.  Read below to see how our experienced guides can streamline and maximize the utility operations.

Our Proven Method

Plan, the first phase of the process, sets the stage for the rest of the project. SL-serco starts by helping the utility get the right mix of people involved and educating everyone on the advanced metering possibilities. This education drives the team to create a list of requirements, or a wants/needs list, for the future system that is then tested through a business case.

Those requirements follow into the Procure stage, where the team works together to release and evaluate qualification documents (such as a Request for Proposal). Often times overlooked, the contract negotiation element of Procure protects the utility partner by ensuring the key requirements are included in the contract.

In Deploy, the final stage, SL-serco verifies those requirements are made a reality through system testing. The result is a system that runs as expected and a utility that is able to hit the ground running with their new system.

The SL-serco Difference

In metering projects, advanced planning is often incomplete. The right questions are not asked internally and clear direction is absent. With SL-serco utility customers receive the support and communication of a true partner. SL-serco works on the utility’s behalf. The utility receives the system that satisfies all process participants.