SL-serco began as a company in 1963, and was incorporated in 1968. The business was founded by Jerry Allen during his tenure as a student at the University of Minnesota, along with a fellow student and professor. The group focused on engineering innovative sampling devices, and, during the late 1960’s, separated from the University of Minnesota’s Civil Engineering Department to form the new company.

Over time, the company became known as Serco Labs and operated as an Engineering Environmental laboratory. However, throughout the last decade, SL-serco has shifted its focus to directly support all facets of advanced metering under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, David Allen. SL-serco’s management consulting services include: advanced metering, data integration, communication and process documentation.

SL-serco is headquartered in St. Anthony MN, just outside of Minneapolis, MN, with remote offices throughout the U.S. SL-serco is known as:

  • Responsive Partners
  • Active in over 100 projects in the U.S. and Canada
  • Flexible Utility Industry Experts
  • Goal Oriented

If you are interested in learning more about any of SL-serco’s services, please contact us for further information.